Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today has been crazy busy for me and on top of that it's Mickey's birthday.  It didn't really sneak up on me but what I had been planning to do for him I put off until sometime next year.  (I need to do some more research.)  So that left me yesterday with no plans.  Mickey was nice and suggested a few items he'd like.

For the cake I was thinking of just getting a big cookie from Martin's but I couldn't do it.  So I made a cake right after the kids left.  While it baked I got ready to leave.  Then the craziness began:  two stores, drop off groceries, an hour at the school library, lunch with the birthday boy, another store, a few minutes at home then off to pick up the kids, make a quick banner, get dinner started, wrap presents, and then Mickey came home.  Told you, crazy.

Mickey's day was full of edible goodness.  His boss brought in doughnuts to celebrate.  He got stuffed at lunch (Ho Ping House).  He was just getting hungry again right before dinner (beef stew).  He only had room for a sliver of chocolate cake.  Too bad because it was good.

Our parents came by this evening and Mickey opened his presents.  My last errand was to get the one thing he's talked about wanting for several months.  A Notre Dame shirt.  Not just any shirt, though.  It's ClimaLite.  (I can hardly stand to touch the fabric.)
Mickey's Birthday
Happy Birthday, Babe.  


Mickey said...

Thanks for all your efforts to make my day special!

janel said...

Happy birthday, Mickey! Wish we could be there to feel your shirt and help you eat that chocolate cake. : )

Mickey said...

Thanks Janel! The shirt is awesome and well, you know the cake was great.