Monday, September 12, 2011

Male Bonding on a Sick Day

For the last four weeks Mickey has been sick with allergies.  He didn't sleep well on Saturday and decided he would not set his alarm for this morning.  He wanted to sleep as long as he could.  (It wasn't too long since my alarm's set for 6:30.)  He did sleep in, waking every so often.  He was still feeling pretty crappy when he got up.  I suggested he call the doctor's office to see if he could get in.  He got an appointment.  He was quickly diagnosed with a sinus infection.  He picked up his Rx and came home.  He set up camp in front of the tv so he could play some video games.  I suppose that's relaxing.

Later when Kade came home he wanted to play too.
Video Gaming
The picture does not do the bonding time justice.  I should have taken some video.  They played for about an hour.  Then they got some reading in for Kade's homework.  And if that wasn't enough bonding they went and got haircuts too.  Then they had to play some more games.  (The picture is post haircut.)

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