Saturday, September 17, 2011

ND Game 3

After the last home game Meg said she didn't want to go to another game.  I don't really blame her.  So the question was, who was going with Mickey today?  Me or Kade?  (Mattey told us from the get go that she wasn't ever going to a game.)  Kade announced he was going.  (This was at the beginning of the week and not today.)  I kind of wanted to go.  The weather was going to be lovely and I was hoping ND would come through with a win.  You know "Third times the charm" and all.  Kade wavered over whether he was really going or not.  I told him he had to decide because I needed to know if I had to finish my shirt by today or not.  Well, Kade went.  (Now I can procrastinate even longer since I have three weeks until the next home game.)

I dropped the boys off right on campus and away they went.  They hung out to watch the players walk by.  They each got a couple hugs from our friends.  This impressed a friend of Mickey's who was standing with them.

They grabbed some snacks, found their seats, and waited for the game to begin.  Since I wasn't there, but I did watch the game on tv, I can't tell you everything that happened in our seats.  But you can check out the pictures.
Touchdown Jesus (game 3) ND Stadium (game 3) 
Giant Snowcone (game 3)
ND Tat (game 3)
I can't wait until it's my turn to go.  I want one of those big snow cones.  I'll try not to stain my chin though.  I also hope ND keeps up the better play and continues to win.  Go Irish!

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Mickey said...

It was a great game! It felt a lot warmer than the announced 60 some degrees, but no where near as hot as the first game and luckily no storm delays either.