Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Remember this post where I complained about the "Classroom Find" Kade's school had?  And there was a promise of meeting the teacher almost two weeks into school?  Tonight was that night.  After school Kade told me that we had to be in the gym at 6:30.  We would be there for a little bit and then meet the teacher for 10 minutes.  I got the first part but didn't really understand what he meant by "meet the teacher for 10 minutes".  That's a long time for the teacher to spend with one family but whatever.

We got there before 6:30.  We weren't the only ones early.  We walked to the gym.  Found that chairs and risers were set out for families to sit on.  All the teachers were on display, standing at the front of the room.  There was a projector pointed at a screen showing us helpful things.  At 6:30 the principal welcomed us and started her spiel.  She introduced the teachers and told us a few things about the school year.  Honestly, it wasn't anything new.  The teachers were released to their classrooms.  A few minutes later we were dismissed to find our child(ren)'s teacher.

We knew exactly where we had to go since we had the very informative "Classroom Find".  And maybe it was because Kade had already been going to the right classroom for 8 days?  Maybe not.  We were the first family to get to the room.  Kade's teacher, who is very lovely by the way, greeted us and we all introduced ourselves.  (Mrs. J. and I already met on the first day of school.)  We were shown where we needed to sign in and sign up for activities for the year.  As we did this more families came in occupying the teacher's attention.  Kade proudly showed us his desk.
The Desk
Having a desk is a big step up from Kindergarten where he had to share a table with up to 3 other students.

Soon after the teacher began her presentation of how the school year would go.  What she would teach.  How the homework folder worked.  Etc.  Then the principal started talking over the loud speaker and told the teachers to wrap up their presentations because they needed to switch groups in 3 minutes.  What?  She just started.  About 1-1/2 minutes later the principal dismissed the groups.  What happened to 3 minutes?

My organizing and type A brain understands what the principal was trying to do but, as a parent, I just have to say it didn't work.  Isn't orientation something you do before you start something important?  Like starting school.  I'm so glad that I had a few minutes on the first day of school to talk about Kade to Mrs. J.  I would have liked a few more minutes but you don't always get what you want.  That's why I signed up to be room mom and hopefully I can go in every week to help in the classroom.  I'm sure the school year will be fine.  Like I said, we really like the teacher.  She's got a lot of energy and seems to like what she's doing.


Miss Kobb said...

Just don't like her more than me!! :) And...I totally agree that the "orientation" wasn't...what's the word...helpful??

Kelly said...

We could never like anyone more than you, 'cause we L-O-V-E you.