Tuesday, September 20, 2011


On Sunday a guy at church made Kade an origami crane.  He quickly became obsessed with learning origami.  He has been asking to get a book to learn how.  We didn't have time yesterday to go to the library but we did this evening.  We found about seven books and left with three.  We dropped Mat off at her activity and went to Michael's to get some special paper.  He couldn't wait.  Kade looked at the books all the way home wondering which one I thought he should make first.  I told him we'd better find the easier ones and choose one of those.  That sounded good to him.  Until we got home and he's raring to go, flipping through books again, and wanting to make them all.  We finally chose the barking wolf.  It didn't look too hard and wasn't five pages worth of instructions like the fighter plane he wanted to make.  We, or I, had some difficulties.  I am a visual learner and sometimes didn't understand which way the arrows were pointing.  (We probably should have looked for a video like this instead of using a book.)

I decided the best way to show Kade what to do was to make a wolf myself.  So I read the directions and tried my best to follow them.  Kade watched and tried his best to copy me.  (We both need to perfect precise folds.)
In the end we didn't have enough time to finish because we had to pick up Mat.  I worked a little more on them and after peeking at the video I linked above I think I know how to finish what I didn't understand.  Even though we didn't finish Kade still wants to make origami.  He did tell me it was harder than he thought it would be.  I wasn't around when the crane was created but I'm assuming the guy that made the crane whipped it out in no time making it look super easy.  

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