Friday, September 16, 2011

Teen Party

Meg wanted to have some friends over to celebrate her birthday.  (I should be totally embarrassed about the invitations she handed out but it seems my card making days are few and very far in between.  One mom told us of the invitation.  It consisted of some info scribbled on a torn piece of paper.  I think we should have at least passed out a map.  Mickey had to talk two different parents to our house.  One called three times.) Only a few friends could make it but a low turnout doesn't mean you can't have fun.

When the guests arrived they chowed down on pizza (the ultimate teen food) and then the 360 got turned on for some fun (and to burn some calories).  They played Dance Central and Fruit Ninja.  Meg opened her gifts and then they went out to play.  I had to call them in for dessert which was a big cookie from Martin's.
Party People
I think they all had fun.  I know Meg did.  

They were all rather loud.  When the last kid left I thought I had finally gone deaf.

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