Thursday, September 15, 2011

We've Got Ourselves a TEEN!

The time has gone too fast (and sometimes not fast enough) and Meg has turned 13.  I was trying to remember the time when she looked like this.
Newborn Megan
Newborn Meg
Two Month Old Megan
Two Month Old Meg
I honestly couldn't remember too much.  She didn't grow as fast as Kade but it has been 13 years and my brain has gone through three pregnancies.  Need I say more?

We started her big day with homemade donuts.  I picked up a Babycakes Donut Maker for her.
Birthday Donuts
She thought they were good but I didn't.  While at the store later I picked up some Jiffy muffin mixes.  We'll try those with a glaze.

The birthday girl went to school.  In 7th grade you don't bring in treats for the class since you have about 6 different ones.  Mickey picked her up from school, which she was happy about.  Then she opened her presents.  Nothing too exciting, since she has everything she wants, within reason that is.  She got some fun books and a DS game.  Then Meg and I visited the library.  I guess she didn't get enough books.  Then we had tacos for dinner, her request.  Then we ate the yummy cake.
Brownie Cake
Don't you want a piece?  It was so good.  I just played around and put stuff together.  The "cake" is a brownie.  I frosted it with Duncan Hynes Dark Chocolate Fudge frosting.  We love that stuff.  Then topped with cherry pie filling.

I didn't get any good picture of her so I'll do a photo shoot with her and post one.

Wish us luck as we embark on the teenage journey.

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