Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Work Picnic

For years Press, Ganey (the company Mickey works for) would have a family picnic in the summer.  It was usually at a local park.  The meat and drinks were provided but employees would bring dishes to share.  (Very much like our church picnics.)  For some reason, possibly the company got huge making the cost too high, the picnics stopped.  It's been several years since they had one.  Then last month Mickey gets an e-mail saying the picnic was going to be held again.

It was held at the park across the river from the PG campus.  As we walked across the bridge this is what we saw.
PG Picnic
This is nothing like the picnics used to be.  They were giving out cotton candy and snow cones.  The big tents had the food.  Everything was provided.  PG hired a party service and they did a great job.  The food offerings were burgers, chicken, potato salad, chips, sour crout (ewh), and lots of cookies to pick from.  There were bounce houses everywhere and a dj playing music.  This is what we, and by we I mean Mickey and the kids, did.
Rock Climbing Bouncing High Flipping Out Bouncing Higher Pro Climber
(I am so happy to have a "bad back" so I will never have my rear end photographed like this.  Mickey's bum looks just fine though.)

Meg finished up her fun with eating a Smurf.
Blue Mouth

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