Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another Reader

I love to read.  I haven't always but for most of my adult life I have devoured books.

Meg loves to read.  She has loved books since she could hold them in her hands.

Mat loves to read.  She has just recently discovered that reading is fun.

Mickey....we'll just say he doesn't have time to read and if he does he's asleep in 10 minutes.

Kade is the new reader.  I think he really enjoys it.  I want to cultivate that love so when we went to the library today I let him get his own library card (I forgot the camera, darn it).  He was so excited.  He checked out his own books all by himself.  I was so proud.  ( I missed the whole thing since I was on the other side of the library.  But Mickey witnessed the big moment.)

To mark the big day I thought this picture kind of sums it up.  He's reading Batman if you can't tell.
Another Reader

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Mickey said...

Kade was so proud of his library card. I was over looking at some other things and he came rushing up to me with his card proudly held out on display.