Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autumn Leaves & More Acorns

The acorns I made last week made a big impression on Kade's teacher.  (He just had to show it off when he took one for lunch.)  She called me last Friday and asked if I could come in and make them with the class.  I told her I was happy to.  I had thought of taking a picture of little hands making the treats but it went so quickly and I had to be aware of what was going on so I never made the time to take a picture.  But as Kade and I were leaving school I saw something I couldn't pass up.
Autumn Leaves
The weather had been gray and rainy in the morning but after lunch it started clearing up.  These clouds were still dark and I thought they made an interesting backdrop for the Autumn colored trees.


Mickey said...

That is a great picture!

Miss Kobb said...

YUM! Thank you Kade and Kelly. My treat was delicious!
Did you get a picture of the rainbow this morning? It was amazing from our playground!

Kelly said...

I missed the rainbow. Darn. I shouldn't have gone back to bed.