Sunday, October 30, 2011


Today Kade wanted to play checkers.  We have a set of big checkers that are played on a rug.  He wanted to use those but I don't think he could find them all.  So I looked in the game closet.  I didn't see a game.  Kade pointed one out.  Oh, yes, the pirate game set has checkers.
Pirate Checkers 
Kade has never played checkers before so you can imagine how the first game went.  I went easy on him but the game still ended with tears.  I talked him into trying it again.  He agreed.  The second game was much closer - we were down to kings and I had one more than he did - and there were no tears.  He asked to play a third game.  We played.  Let's just say that Kade is a quick study at strategy and the student surpassed the teacher.  I didn't cry, just for the record.

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Mickey said...

Way to be a good example and not cry. I know it must have been hard. :-)