Monday, October 31, 2011


Today couldn't have been any better, for the kids, that is.  They didn't have school today because the first grading period is over and today's a teacher record day.  Then they got to put on costumes and go door to door gathering pounds of candy.  Here are the three ghouls.
Halloween 2011
They aren't very scary, are they?  Meg is Agent P (from Phineas and Ferb), Kade is obviously Captain America, and Mattey is Little Red Riding Hood.  I think they look great.  Kade is the only one that had to change his mind about his costume.  He wanted to be a football player but we couldn't find a helmet that didn't cost over $100.  So if anyone has one laying around and would like to give it to a 6 year old his dream could come true next year.  I think I'll start searching thrift stores and craigslist too.


janel said...

Nice work on Little Red Riding Hood! Did she fill her basket with candy?

Kelly said...

The basket was over flowing with goodies.

Mickey said...

Yeah, and apparently too heavy at times, says the person who might have had to carry it more than once or twice during the night.