Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lots Going On

I had a lot to choose from to blog about today.  I had lunch with my grandma.  I borrowed Meg's shoes (yes, her feet are that big), without asking.  (Shh, don't tell her.  She never found out and she really doesn't like it when someone, especially Mattey, goes in her room and takes things.)  Then Mattey and I went out to get all the stuff I'll need to make her costume.  She's the only one I'm really sewing for, thank goodness.  Even with all that going on I decided to go with something else.

A while ago, maybe back in September, I read on some blog I follow about acorn treats made with doughnut holes.  They were real cute and looked very easy.  I tried finding where I saw it but alas I cannot, but here's something like it.  So I tried making them tonight.  It was pretty simple and they look cute.
Acorn Treat
(Please ignore the frosting I used as glue on the bottom of the acorn.  Ugh.)

For the next time...I will melt the frosting or Nutella so I can dip the doughnut hole instead of doing the hard way of spreading the frosting on top.  I would also like to use a doughnut hole with a non-gooy glaze.  It was way too sticky.  And last I would like to try some crushed toffee instead of the jimmies.  Maybe I'd use different flavor doughnuts too.  Hmmm....

Now I need to find something to do since I am a 360 widow tonight.  The new Batman game arrived on our doorstep this afternoon. 

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