Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making Costumes

The one costume real costume I'm making for Halloween may as well be three for all the trouble it's giving me.  I got all the supplies together to start working on Mat's costume, Little Red Riding Hood.  (The trunk-or-treat is Saturday so I have to have everything done a week early, which is good and bad.)
Making Costumes
My first problem was there were about 5 pages of pattern pieces because each piece was printed twice in two different sizes.  Normally I like this because it makes the pattern last a little longer but I was starting to feel the time crunch and didn't want to search through all the pages to find the right pieces.  The next thing was my fault.  I read the pattern piece wrong.  There were two different cutting lines for the body of the cape but I only saw the bottom one which meant I didn't have enough fabric.  Once I figured out my mistake I was good to go until...the pattern info was wrong.  I bought the gingham to be the cape's lining.  The back of the package said I needed the same amount of fabric no matter the width, 45"-60".  That was wrong.  I couldn't make it work and now I have to go back to the store tomorrow for more fabric.  Like I really have time for that.  We're having company for dinner.  Those are my only complaints today.  There might be more later.  Like I'm sure it won't really be a 2 hour project like the package claims.  Does anyone really get projects done in the time stated on the envelope?  I don't think I ever have.  That might be the user's fault though.

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Mickey said...

The costume turned out great. Mat looked adorable in it and the fabric has a great feel. Nice and soft, as I patted her cloaked head as much as possible.