Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A New Look

The chair we use at the computer desk has been bugging me.  One, it's not comfy to sit in for long periods of time.  Two, it blends in with all the wood cabinetry.  Three, it's kind of boring.
Chair Before
I've looked for a new chair but haven't found anything I liked.  The chair cannot have arms and the wheeled bottoms look too wide.  I decided this would be today's project.  So I went to the store for some spray paint and a chair pad.  After a little work and about $25 it looks like this.
Chair After
Much better, don't you think?  It still needs a protective coat but I can do that later.  

I left the finger smudges on the monitor to show you that my house is not perfectly clean.  Mickey had a little problem with this but since I'm the one blogging I'm leaving it.  I want to blog real life not a perfect life.


janel said...

Forget the fingerprinted screen...that's the cleanest computer desk I've ever seen! Mark is always encouraging me to not let clutter pile up on ours. Wow! The chair is amazing, too.

Kelly said...

I'll come clean. I moved the crap on the desk, there wasn't much, onto another counter. If you look close there is some dust by the serge protector.