Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Painted Letters

I finished another project today that I started weeks ago.  Meaning I got the supplies weeks ago.  Some of the lag time was not my fault.  You can't spray paint when it's in the 50s and raining, which was all of last week.

I found some gold letters at Hobby Lobby, where else, for 50% off and wanted to hang them in our bedroom.  I didn't like the gold so I painted them black to go with the rest of the room.

What do you think?  (I don't like that the wall color never comes through the camera right.  It's a lovely shade of aqua not this dull color I can't even name.)
Painted Letters
Now I just need Mickey to have some free time to help me hang them.  They're going right between the windows.  That blank space has always bugged me because I couldn't think of or find anything to put there. It's almost like it was sticking it's tongue out at me every time I walked in the room.  It won't be doing that much longer.

I'm thinking about putting a fancy FOREVER underneath.  That'd be lovely, don't you think?


janel said...

That is SO cute! Can I copy?

Mickey said...

For a small fee, Janel.

Kelly said...

You can totally copy it. I don't have a copyright yet.