Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Polishing the Brass

So to speak.

Our house has a lot of brass hardware in it.  I'm kind of sick of it.  I love the oil rubbed bronze and black hardware.  I have saved us money on replacing some of it.  If you don't recall this post, I spray painted the handles and pulls in the kitchen.  (I have found out from the wear and tear the handles take, I should have used some kind of sealer on them and maybe a primer.  Guess that will be a project for next year.)  I decided to do the same thing to a few of our lights.  They are in good condition and the style is pretty classic so there really wasn't any need to buy new ones except for the color.  So I bought some spray paint instead.  I thought I'd share the process with you.
Ugly Brass Light 
Step 1.  Get your handy husband to take the lights down for you, unless you know what you're doing electricity wise.
Step 2.  Clean the item to be painted and mask off anything that shouldn't be painted.
Step 3.  I skipped this one and will do it next time.  Prime the light.  Brass is very hard to cover so you use a lot more paint than you need to.
Step 4.  Set up a spray area, preferably outside.
Paint in Process 
Step 5.  Spray away.  Read the directions on the can and beware of the wind.  (I have some dirty looking feet thanks to the wind.)
Step 6.  Let the paint dry.  (I didn't seal it because they hang on the ceiling and no one touches them.)
Step 7.  Ask handy husband to put them back up.  Assist when necessary.  
Finished Light
I think they look great.  I have two more to do but the weather doesn't seem like it's going to cooperate anytime soon.  I think the Indian Summer is over.

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