Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Popcorn & a Movie

Tonight we sent the kids to bed or at least tried to.  Meg had a long day at school so she was up late doing homework.  She needed some help with her Espanol.  That's my subject, I guess.  (I'll take that any day over math.  It's just been too long for me to remember.)  After she went back upstairs I popped some corn and we settled down to watch the end of a movie we began on Monday night.  We were both too tired to finish it then.  Can you guess what movie we watched?
Popcorn & a Movie


janel said...

X men? I wish I could watch a movie...I'm stuck sewing a Halloween costume beyond my ability...where's Kelly's sewing prowess when I need it next door? : )

Kelly said...

Yes, Janel, it's X Men. I wish I could help you with your sewing. I guess it's too late to ship it to me. Good luck. If you'd like me next door, or down the street, there are a few houses for sale around here. I don't think we'd be moving west but maybe we could get you to move back east?