Friday, October 21, 2011

Touring the Gug

Mickey had the opportunity to tour "The Gug" this morning.  He went with our big friend and his family.  Then they went over to the stadium to look around the locker room.  Mickey got to touch the sign.  He's so lucky.
The ND Tour
Today was an ND filled day.  We ended up going to the pep rally.  We were given some family passes which let us get close to the stage.  So not worth it for me.  I would much rather watch from the back and not really see much than be squished in with rude people all around me.  After the pep rally we walked over to Eddy St. Commons to listen to Mickey's cousin's band.  It was a late night and by the time we got home we were freezing!  I hope it's not as cold tomorrow night for the game.

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