Saturday, October 29, 2011

What the Hail?

(Mickey and I both said, at the same time, that this should be the title of today's post.  Sometimes it's scary how much we think alike.)

This morning was Kade's last soccer game.  It was chilly but the sun was out making it not terrible.  I didn't bring the camera because the battery was dead from last night.  So I got a picture later of Kade and his medal.  He's so proud.
Soccer Medal
Megan, who didn't go to the game because she's still sick, had called me to ask if I heard thunder.  The sky was blue with big fluffy clouds.  I told her it was just planes coming in for the game.  Little did I know that she was right about the thunder.  A little while later a storm front moved in from no where.  The sky got dark and the rain started.  Then came the hail.  What?
What the hail?
I opened the door to the deck to take a few pictures.  In between shots I saw a red flash and so after there was a thunder so loud it could only mean that the lightening had been right outside the house (probably the red flash I saw).  The entire house shook violently with the noise.  The freaking out began, by the kids. It was still hailing when Mickey wanted to leave for the game.  Luckily everything moved away so he and Chris could enjoy the game.  And a good game it was too.

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