Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Expensive Service Project

Last night Mickey and some other people from church went to a member's house to rake leaves.  The husband/father had passed away on Sunday morning.  While there Mickey scratched his eye on a branch. (This is not a surprise at all since he seems to scratch his eye about once a year or so, usually in odd ways.)  He mentioned it last night when he came home.

This morning the eye was really bothering him.  He made an appt.  He not only scratched his eye but poked a hole in his contact.  The doctor prescribed antibiotic drops and some ointment.  He went to pick them up and texted me that last night was a "very expensive service project".  The cost of the drops and ointment were $170!  For real?  Good thing that's not out of pocket but out of the HSA.

Hope this picture doesn't creep anyone out.
Eye Drops

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