Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Finder of All Things Lost

That is my self-given title.  For some reason I tend to be the one that finds all the missing items that people around here can't manage to keep track of.  I usually find things with my common sense but sometimes it's divine inspiration or just dumb luck.

Last night Meg noticed that her iPod was not where it should be.  Hmmm....that's a big surprise.  She asked Mickey to use his handy dandy iPod locater app on his iPhone to find it for her.  (This is not the first time she's had to ask for his help.)  He got out his phone and used the app.  Nothing happened.  Then he got on the computer to check something.  The iCloud screen said that the iPod was off line.  That meant he couldn't do anything technologically to find it.  Then they both started freaking out.  Meg backtracked through her day.  She took it to the doctor's office (she has a sinus infection, by the way) and while there she turned off the wifi because she didn't want to use it.  She took it to Target with her when she got her Rx.  She couldn't remember if she had it when she came back home.  Thinking she might have dropped it at Target Mickey called to see if it happened to be in the lost and found.  Nothing there.  Meg went to bed sobbing.  Mickey was trying to decide if he should remote wipe or lock it.  Neither would really work since the wifi is turned off.  I sat back and watched the chaos.  No one asked for my help so I didn't bother getting up and looking.

This morning I woke up to my alarm.  On my way to the bathroom I heard something odd.  It sounds like a duck.  I stopped and listened.  I heard it again.  It was kind of loud.  The duck would have had to have been on the porch to be that loud.  Then it clicks.  I walked down the hall to Meg's room and asked her if her alarm sounds like a duck.  She said it did.  I told her she better get up quick because the alarm is going off and she needed to look for it.
Lost iPod 
It was on the piano.  Wonder how it got there?

I claimed credit for finding the lost iPod but Mickey said I had a little help since the alarm was going off.  I remarked that I would have seen it at some time during the day.  The alarm going off makes this find fall in the dumb luck category.  I'm thinking I need to start collecting a finders fee for all the things I find.

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