Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This morning I volunteered some of my time in Kade's class.  I didn't feel like I did much but I did help one little guy with his math.  He seemed to do better with it one on one.

I stayed until lunch.  A few of the kids asked if I was going to stay for lunch.  Um, not today, I said, maybe some other time. Then the teacher asked if I could cut some things out for her.  I said sure.  So she handed me a packet of stuff.  I couldn't believe I was given homework on my first day of volunteering.  Good thing I have a paper cutter (or two) because I would have been cutting forever if I didn't.  This homework was right up my alley.
Homework for the Volunteer
I got it all done in less than 2 hours.  Some of it was a little tedious but now Mrs. J. doesn't have to spend her family time doing it.  After this weekend I'll be ready for more.  Bring it on, Mrs. J.


Mickey said...

At parent teacher conference last night, Mrs. J was very thankful that Kelly did this. It sounds like she spends a lot of her "free" time doing work for school. I don't think teachers get paid near enough for all their efforts.

Miss Kobb said...

I need those same things cut out! I've been avoiding it. I need some super duper parents in my room again. :)