Thursday, November 17, 2011


Kade's been having a few of these lately.  We're not loving it.  We can't figure out why.  He speaks his mind just find.  He seems to get enough sleep but I don't know.  Today's meltdown was over the electric piano.

On Sunday I talked to someone at church about the piano and she expressed interest in it.  She talked to her piano playing husband and called me last night saying they had a spot for it in their tiny apartment if we really wanted to get rid of it.  We worked out the logistics of the guys moving it.  This afternoon, once the girls got in the car after school, I told the kids that we were giving away the piano to a family at church.  The girls didn't seem to care.  Kade asked why.  I told him it wasn't used very much and we had another piano.  After Meg's friend was dropped at her house the tears started.  (Mickey said that was very manly of him to be able to hold off the tears for so long.)  Once we were home I found him laying across the piano playing while sobbing.  (I wanted to take a picture then but figured he'd get mad at me for doing so.  The picture is a re-enactment.)
We talked.  I heard him out (which wasn't easy through all the tears) and then messaged Mickey.  I ended up calling the lady and said I had a little problem named Kade.  She was understanding and thought her husband would be too.  I hope so.

There was a condition to Kade keeping the piano.  He has to take lessons and practice daily.  He was fine with that.  Now I just need to schedule that lesson so we can keep good on the condition.

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