Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oreo Truffles

I mentioned I made treats yesterday.  Today we plated those treats and dropped them off to some big friends.  They were well received.
Oreo Truffles 
One of the treats I made is Oreo Truffles.  I'd made them before but didn't like the Bakers Chocolate.  This time I made them with Nestle semi-sweet chips instead.  I still haven't eaten one but everyone that's had one has loved them.  I took some of the treats to share with my Sunday School class.  They were a big hit.  Did I mention I teach the teenage class?

Another treat I made are these.  Mickey loves them.  They are so easy he or the kids can make them.  So next time they want cookies I'll tell them what to do while I lounge on the couch.  :)

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