Friday, November 11, 2011

Too Much Grumbling

I woke up this morning feeling very tired.  I planned to go back to bed after the kids were gone.  Mickey so nicely put up a reminder for me about Kade's award ceremony at school today.  Ugh.  It was at 8:45.  In the A.M.  So much for going back to sleep.

I was welcomed home by this.
Sinkful of Dishes
Not that I didn't know it was there but I didn't really look at it since my eyes were kind of closed earlier.  So I took a picture and planned on complaining about it.  Then I realized I've been grumbling a lot this week.  It could have something to do with not sleeping well all week.  (I think the time change and going off muscle relaxers have done something to my internal clock.  Although with the time change I should be going to bed earlier not later.  I know, I'm weird like that.)  So I thought since it's the month of giving thanks I should come up with some things to be grateful for while I took care of the dishes.

Things I'm grateful for, in no particular order.
- The sun was trying to shine through the clouds.
- I didn't have to do the dishes by hand because I have a lovely dishwasher that does the hard work.
- We have so many dirty dishes because we had a yummy dinner last night.
- I could make dinner last night.
- Mickey has a good job that provides us with all the food we need and most times want.
- I have a nice kitchen filled with all kinds of handy tools.
- The kids were fed before they went to school.
- The kids are old enough to make their own breakfast, although Kade tries to play the incapable card sometimes.
- Spotify, although I like Pandora better.  (less commercials)

What are some things you're grateful for?

I think that worked.  I'm feeling less grumbly.  Now I think I better take a nap because I don't want to be falling asleep at the viewing and birthday party we have later.

Have a good weekend.


Mickey said...

I'm thankful that you went to Kade's awards assembly to support our wonderful son (I guess that is two in one). I'm thankful that you took care of the dishes. I'm thankful for you. I'm thankful for veterans who have fought to keep us free. That's a few anyway.

Danielle said...

You have a pretty kitchen sink, even when it's full of dishes! (This is Janel's sister, the blog stalker)