Thursday, December 29, 2011

Field Trip

We took the kids to see Chipwrecked this morning.  It was funny, at times.  If it wasn't so cold in the theatre I probably would have fallen asleep.  (That really doesn't have much to do with the movie, more to do with how tired I've been.  Ahh, the holidays.)  The kids really liked the movie.  We lucked out.  The place was packed and the movie sold out a few minutes after we bought our tickets.

After the movie we stopped by Rural King to pick up some softener salt.  We also heard a rumor that they had baby chicks, ducks, and rabbits.  We had to see for ourselves.  We only found the rabbits.  Been there, done that.  Kade found something he wanted to take home.
Can I have this?
I had to put my foot down and ruin his hopes of adventure by saying "No way."  He was okay with that.  I think he thinks he'll be able to talk Mickey into one in a few years.  Good luck boys.

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