Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Laundry Novice

Meg was doing laundry today.  This is part of her chores.  I really love this because then I can never be blamed if something isn't clean.  (I don't let laundry pile up so that was rarely ever a problem.)

I walked into the laundry room to check on her laundry because I wanted to use the washer.  Something didn't look right.  I opened to door to find this.
Too much detergent?
I think she used a little too much detergent.  I asked her about it and she confirmed that she used a lot.  So I set the machine to do a rinse and spin to clear up the extra suds.  Then I noticed a funny symbol lit up on the display.  The machine had gotten off balance because she had done such a small load. It couldn't finish the cycle, hence the suds.  So I guess it wasn't Meg's fault after all but she was retrained about not  using a lot of detergent.

The one big complaint I have about the front loading washers is that you can't do a small load without upsetting the machine.  Otherwise I love it.

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