Thursday, December 15, 2011

Miss First Chair

Tonight was our third and final concert of the month.  Unless you count the choir performance I'm in on Sunday, but I'm not.
Miss First Chair 
Tonight was Meg's turn to shine.  (Not that she doesn't get enough attention for all the other stuff she does.)  I didn't know this before the concert but she is First Chair Violinist.  As a 7th grader!  She shared this honor with an 8th grader.  Her teacher is very happy to have her in his class.  He recommends that she get a private teacher.  He also wants her to do a solo, with me on piano, for a local state competition.  That's in January.  

The grandparents were all busy tonight but she had other people cheering her on in the audience.  Some of her Young Women leaders showed up.  She was thrilled they could make it.  Thanks ladies.

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