Thursday, December 22, 2011


Several months ago Mickey read about a new thermostat on Twitter.  After finding out that a former Apple employee designed it he had to read more about it.  He was totally smitten with it and had to have one.  (There is too much to tell about the thermostat so you'll have to read up on it on your own.)

Fast forward a little.  Last week Mickey got an email thanking him for his interest in the nest.  Due to production and demands for the product he was wait listed until February.  He was okay with that.  Then Monday he got another email saying his thermostat was being shipped and should arrive in a few days.  What?  How did that happen?  Who cares.  We're getting a nest!

It arrived at our door today.  The Nest was installed with very few problems.
It's so smart.  And looks way better than the old thermostat.  Now we need to update the humidifier control box because it looks terrible above the nest.

Mickey tweeted something about his thermostat downloading an update.  What a tech geek.

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