Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ward Christmas Breakfast

I love when we have a Christmas dinner for church but this year we had a breakfast instead.  (That's what it was last year too.)  It was alright.  The food was much better this year than last.  There wasn't a lot of pot luck dishes but plenty of pancakes and waffles.

After the meal we had the opportunity to do a little service.  Mickey joked about us driving separate so I could leave early.  I don't like these forced socializing events but I stayed for over two hours because I had a project to work on.  We tied fleece blankets.  I even got a little help.
Service Project
The best part of the activity was when 90% of the kids were making gingerbread houses.  It was amazing how engrossed they were in their creating.  It was an awesome idea.  Here's Mat's house.
Mat's Gingerbread House

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