Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Happenings

If you hadn't noticed I took a few weeks off.  I really needed it.  Thanks to Mickey for trying to cover for me.  He ran out of pictures to post about because I stopped taking them.  I needed to fully recover from my burn out of posting about everyday for TWO YEARS!

Now I'm back, I think.  I thought I'd take today, the last day of January, and recap what's been going on around here.

In no order at all:

-My last grandma died on the 16th.  It's sad that's she's gone but at least she is reunited with her husband, sister, and parents.

-Meg's asthma has been pretty bad during basketball.  She may need to see an asthma specialist.

-Report cards came home on the 27th.  All three kids had great marks.  Both girls got high honor roll.

-Meg got her bottom braces on.  She was unable to chew food for a few days but she's back to eating like a horse once again.

-An amazing thing happened with Mattey.  She cleaned her room!  The most amazing part was her room stayed clean for almost two weeks.

-I saw a recipe for cinnamon roll cupcakes in an email.  I had to try them.  They didn't look very pretty because I over filled the cups but they tasted great, frosted and not frosted.  (I liked them better the next day and I used Duncan Hynes Cream Cheese frosting instead of making the one that came with the recipe.)
Cinnamon Roll Cupcake

-Meg and Kade have been signed up for little league.  (Anyone want to buy some raffle tickets?  We have 80 we'd like to unload.)  This will take care of our entertainment for the first half of the summer.

-Mattey seems to be a natural at the flute.  She can memorize the music very quickly.  I think she's even playing some simple songs by ear.

-One Saturday evening (the 14th) (I think Mickey and Megan had some activity at church) Kade got out the water colors and started painting.  Mattey joined him later.  Can you tell which picture is supposed to be me?
Water Colors

-Meg played a violin solo, with me accompanying her, at I.S.S.M.A.  She got a gold.  Did you expect anything different?  I didn't.  Here's the video of her performance.

-I can't forget to comment on our crazy winter weather.  It'll snow a few inches.  The snow will be around a couple days for the kids to get out and play in it and then the temperature will rise to the 40s or 50s and the snow is gone.  Then we'll get rain.  A few days later the pattern repeats.  What is going on?  I'm not really complaining.  I love the warmer sunny days that melt the snow.  And the fact that the dirty snow doesn't last very long.  I do worry about how this will affect our spring and summer.

-Kade started real piano lessons, as apposed to taking them from me.  He is moving quickly through the books he's using.  He's saving up all his points for a movie.  (He gets points for the number of days he practices, the songs he passes off, the songs he can sing, the songs he can name the notes.)  He still has about 400 points to go.  He's already said he wants a Scooby-Doo movie.  Big surprise there.

-Meg started her science project.  She wanted to know what gets ketchup and mustard out of clothing the best:  Tide, Bleach, Shout, or OxiClean.  Can you guess which one works better?  I wasn't surprised.

-Lastly I want to wish my baby brother a Happy Birthday!  Have a good one, D.

Added after the fact.  Can't believe I forgot this story.

-This month I also had the opportunity to call 911 for the first time in my life.  (That's a pretty good streak.)  I don't think opportunity is the right word but whatever.  Our power had gone off.  I called Mickey, on my cell, to complain about having another power outage.  That happens a lot around here.  While on the phone I happened to look out our bedroom window towards the end of the street.  I had to do a double take to figure out what I was seeing.  Then I said to Mickey, "The power lines are on fire.  I suppose I should call 911."  He agreed and we hung up so I could make the emergency call.  The firemen took their sweet time getting here (we live about 2 minutes from the fire station and they showed up about 7 minutes later) and they didn't even use flashing lights or sirens.  I was a little disappointed.  It was an emergency after all, at least to me.  I walked down the street to see what was going on and if I needed to get Kate out of her house.  The top of the pole had caught on fire somehow and it and the power lines had fallen into the trees around it.  Luckily these were wet trees.  The firemen told me it wasn't going anywhere and AEP was on their way.  The power was out for over 2 hours while the electric company fixed the problem.  This is the second time in less than two years that those power lines have been on fire.  That's not a good record.

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