Monday, February 6, 2012

Illness Update

We decided to keep Kade home today. You know, the wait 24 hours after they puke rule. I think he is recovered. He played the kinect for a long time today. He also ate over 100 grapes. He said that's what made him feel better. Mickey is on the mend. He worked from home today which was so very helpful to me. I feel worse than I did yesterday. My sinuses hurt really bad but they seem to be constantly leaking since I'm blowing my nose quite often. I'm also sneezing, coughing, and just plain miserable. Unfortunately for me meds either don't work or make me sick so I then take nothing. I thought a good night's sleep would do me good but I can't seem to get that. I've been laying in bed for over 2 hours and have yet to fall asleep. I can't get comfortable. I have to blow my nose and empty my bladder frequently too. I'm a mess.

Anyone thinking of visiting probably shouldn't. Not that we get a lot of visitors anyway.

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