Friday, February 17, 2012

Playing Too Hard

And there are consequences to playing too hard.

Meg has been playing two to three basketball games a week for the last few weeks.  Tuesday she came home from her Jamboree with a major cramp in her left calf.  We treated it as best we could:  a hot bath, some stretching, a massage with icy hot.  Her leg muscle has not yet relaxed.  In fact her leg was swollen last night.  Mickey decided it was time to visit the doctor.  He took her today.  It turns out that she has a strained muscle. Big surprise, right?  There's not too much to do for it but give it time and don't over do it. ("Don't over do it" is the key in my opinion.)
Massaging the Strain 
A massage could also help, unless someone pushes too hard and makes Meg cry.  Mickey and I are both guilty of this.  

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