Monday, February 20, 2012

Recovering Pillows

I have these not very attractive pillows that I've been itching to recover.  I bought fabric back in October.  It's been sitting in the studio waiting for me to get to it.  I finally have some motivation to get it done.  Sunday I'm having a lot of people over for a lunch and teacher training.  I wanted to make the window seat a little more cozy and that's where the pillows come in.  (I'm still looking for fabric to make a cushion so it will be a lot cozier.)

My original plan was to make this fax pleated pillow but then realized V started with strips of fabric and I really didn't want to cut up my fabric because it would mean spending a lot more time on the project.  So I googled pleated pillow and came up with this one.  I was all set to start it last night.  As I was scrolling down the tutorial I saw a different pillow at the bottom of the post.  I clicked on that and knew that was the one I was going to make.

I tucked Mickey into bed last night and got to work.  I was up until 2 am.  I was on a sewing high.  I didn't get it all done (the measuring took me a while) so I finished it today.

What do you think?
Gathered Pillow
I think it looks great.  (It's not as vibrant in person but when I edited the picture it made everything else look wrong.)  I like it with the brown pillow and the chenille blanket.  Now I have to make one more and the window seat should look a lot cozier.  Here's the tutorial if you want to make one too. 

In other news the kids were out of school today.  I wasn't really looking forward to it (the bickering and trying to keep them from being in front of the tv/computer all day) so I invited some of our friends over.  We all had a great time.  The weather was nice enough that the kids played outside for a while.  We pigged out on pizza, fruit, chocolate milk, and rice krispie treats.  We'll have to do it again on the next day off.

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