Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ric Rac

One of the things that we have a love/hate relationship with, in our house, is the ric rac that is in the windows.  While we love the way it looks, we hate that they are constantly falling out of the windows.  This is because most of them are probably 20 years old and have been broken before.  Kelly bought some wood glue, so I took the assignment of putting the pieces back together.  Kade helped me with one of them and they all went together pretty smoothly.  They even fit much tighter in the window, so hopefully they will be loved more than hated now.
Ric Rac
In other news, we all chipped in to help get the house ready for the Primary lunch/training.  It was nice having a Saturday where we didn't have an activity that we had to be at.

We finished off the night watching the 1960's Batman show on Me-TV.  Ever since Kade saw this one time, he has been asking when it was going to be on again.  In case anyone cares, it's on Saturday nights from 7-8pm.  POW!  ZAP! SMASH!

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