Sunday, February 12, 2012


What can you say about Sunday?  They all pretty much seem the same to me.  Wake up alone.  Get showered/dressed.  Wake up kids.  Tell them to eat and get dressed.  Finish getting ready.  Tell kids to get moving.  Eat breakfast.  Tell kids to get ready, we're leaving in 10 minutes.  Brush teeth.  Yell to Tell kids we're walking out the door in 5 minutes.  Get on coat (depending on weather).  Yell to Tell kids I'm leaving and hope they follow me out the door and into the van.  We do have better days but we also have worse days.

Today was a little calmer.  The girls were both sick (stomach flu) and I left them home in bed.  Making sure one kid and myself get out the door on time is much easier than the norm.  I think I was actually a little on the happy side by the time we got to church.  Imagine that.

I didn't get around to taking a picture today.  There wasn't anything that really stuck out about today.  Other than my semi-happiness upon arrival at church.  And of course I would never think about taking a picture of myself.

We, the reds and I, finished watching Harry Potter 3.  Kade forgot to mention in yesterday's post that when the dementors first made their appearance on the train to Hogwarts he asked me to come sit by him.  I guess the suspense was too much for him.  After he knew what they looked like he was fine.  Thankfully the movie did not make him have any nightmares.


janel said...

I can relate to the yelling thing. So hard to keep the spirit in the pre-departure-to-church time on Sundays! Also, how old were your kids when you let them read HP? I am nervous it will be a little much for Sage, but maybe not?

Kelly said...

Meg was around 9 when she first read Harry Potter. I did make her wait. She didn't like the series much and only read a couple. Mattey started reading them last year, age 9. She really likes them. Kade has yet to read the books but has played the lego video game and has watched the first three movies. I was thinking of reading the first book to him this summer, age 7. Maybe you could read it with her.