Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl

We've been planning to watch the Super Bowl for a little while now.  I even started my goodie baking yesterday.  But I'd better start from the beginning of the day.

This morning at church Kade leaned over to me and said he felt like he was going to throw up.  We almost ran out of the chapel trying to avoid any messes.  We made it to the bathroom but nothing happened.  I gave him a pepto but he was looking more pale than normal so I decided it was probably best to take him home.  I arranged for the grandparents to bring the girls home.  Kade and I got home and found Mickey in the "shakuzi".  He still wasn't feeling good enough to leave the house.  Hopefully he'll feel like working tomorrow, at least from home.  Kade decided to hop in the tub.  The boys soaked for a while.  Then I suggested to Kade that he lay in bed and watch a movie on his iPod.  He did.  Around 12:30 I got up to check on him.  He was asleep.  This kid never naps.  So when he does you know he's not feeling well.  About an hour later he came in our room where we were resting.  (Did I mention that somehow Mickey's germs have made their way to me?  Thanks, Babe.)  Kade looked a little out of it.  He laid down on the chaise.  I said something about him taking a nap.  He replied, "I didn't take a nap."  I told him he was snoring when I went in his room.  Then he said, "Maybe that's the reason I'm smokin' hot."  Mickey and I cracked up laughing.  The boys went downstairs for a snack.  I'm glad I stayed in bed.  Kade's stomach must not have liked the snack because it sent it right back up.

About 2 hours before the game started we watched The Perfect Game.  It's a great family movie. Even Mattey ended up watching it and she "hates baseball".  That's when I started making the rest of the game food:  Touch Down Taco Dip, peanut butter filled celery, grapes, and then later the chicken wings, pizza, and of course cookies and brownies.

We filled our plates and settled in to watch the game.  We missed the first little bit because the movie went  longer than we thought it would.  But we were happy to see the Giants were ahead.  For some reason Mat was excited about watching Madonna's half time show.  It was entertaining and she kept a good amount of clothes on. After half time we sent the girls off to bed.  We let Kade stay up since he'll be staying home tomorrow and he took a nap.  He passed out towards the end of the third quarter.
Sleeping through the Game
Mickey and I were biting our nails and holding our breath, figuratively, throughout the fourth quarter.  Our team, at least the one we decided to cheer for, won.  Yay, Giants!

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