Friday, March 16, 2012

A First

Last night Meg had a sports banquet.  I made an entree and a dessert.  I had been craving oatmeal raisin chocolate chip bars so I made two pans.  We came home with a bunch of leftovers because there was actually plenty of food this time.

This afternoon before picking up the girls I dropped a plate of cookies off to our friends, so I wouldn't eat them all.  Kade loudly announced that he wanted to stay and play with Noah.  Amy was very nice and let the rude boy stay.  The plan was for him to come home later for dinner and family movie night.  Our friends had gotten the same movie (Puss In Boots) to watch and somehow Meg got invited over to watch it at their house and Kade stayed.  (Mattey enjoyed being the only child for a while.)  Then the little bugger invited himself to sleep over.  I didn't really think he'd make it but I took over a few necessities anyway, still expecting a call from Kade around 11:00.  The call never came.
Something's Missing 
It was weird not having Kade here for bedtime but he loved everything about the sleepover.  I'm sure he'll be inviting himself over again soon.

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