Wednesday, March 28, 2012

VCD & Allergies

Have you ever heard of vocal cord dysfunction?  I hadn't until today.

Mickey took Meg to an allergy/asthma doctor today.  She's been having a hard time breathing during active times, especially basketball.  The asthma inhaler didn't seem to work.

It turns out that Megan has vocal cord dysfunction and not asthma.  (I'm not going to go into it but if you want to know more about vcd I recommend reading the link above.)  It appears as asthma but is not treated the same way.  Supposedly it's very common.  It usually shows up in very competitive, high achieving, athletic girls.  Um, I think Meg fits in all those categories.  She now has a different inhaler she's supposed to use before activity.  Hopefully this will help her breath better.

Meg also had an allergy test while there.  She's allergic to a lot of things.  Look at her back.
The weird thing is she doesn't seem to get sick the way Mickey does.  Hers tend to be more of a contact thing.  Especially cats.

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