Monday, April 9, 2012

Giving In... child-pressure.

We bit the big one today.  After months and months of asking if we can get a dog, we picked up a puppy this morning.  She's a cavachon.  She's four months old.

I found her on line at a breeder a little over an hour from our house.  We went last Monday to meet her.  I wanted to think about it a while while we were gone.  I also wanted to read Cesar Millan's book, How to Raise the Perfect Dog, before doing anything.  {I learned a lot from that book.  I learned that some of Cooper's (our first dog) problems were my fault.  I do not want that to happen again.}

We talked about the puppy a lot while out of town.  Ultimately it was up to me and also Mickey's allergies.  We decided to give it a go.

After all my reading and thinking I think I'm ready for this, even though I had a really nervous stomach all morning.  She was shy and timid last week.  Today she was acting more like a regular curious puppy.  I wasn't happy that the breeders hadn't had her in the house to get used to the noises or that she hadn't worn a collar yet.  Cesar would not think they were very responsible breeders.

The ride home was good.  She snuggled on my lap the entire way.  She was hesitant when we got home but within a few hours was warming up.  House training is under way.  (Can you believe they hadn't worked on that either?!)  This evening she was playing with the kids in her quarantined area.  She's even getting used to the leash, a little.

Here she is.  Miss Fiona.
This picture doesn't really do her justice.  She is absolutely darling.  Her fur/hair is so soft.  I gave her a bath and blew her dry.  She didn't mind at all.  (Her waves got tighter after the bath.  So cute.)  Maybe she'll learn to tolerate all the chaos that goes on around here.  So far Mickey has not gotten sick.  She might be a keeper.

I've volunteered to sleep on the couch tonight with Fiona in her crate nearby so Mickey can hopefully get some sleep.  I hope I get some.

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