Tuesday, April 10, 2012

He's Caught the Fire

Megan wanted to read the Hunger Games series.  She lucked out that I have them.  For some reason Mickey decided to bring the first book with us on our trip.  He's not a reader so this was a bit of a surprise.  We did have some down time at the hotel and he got sucked into the story.  He and Megan are now fighting over who gets to read the second book, Catching Fire.  Mickey steals it from her after Meg goes to bed.  I caught him reading tonight.
Caught the Fire

A Fiona note:  She didn't make a sound last night.  I know, all you people who have ever had a puppy are jealous.  She's awesome.  We are walking with the leash a little better and she flies around the back yard when given the freedom.  She seems to be more at ease with every passing hour.  She's still pretty mellow.  I hope that continues.


Nikki said...

Nice Pikachu bookmark, Mickey!

Mickey said...

I'm surprised that you could even tell what that was. You must be a huge fan. Ha! That happens to be Megan's bookmark. Mine is way cooler than that. It's a coupon for a free Polar pop that we received at the Cleveland Indians game we went to.