Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Want to Start the Day Over

This was an email I sent to my friend Amy this morning.

I want to go back to bed and start the day over.
First, I wake up and am achy all over. This is from the migraine I've been dealing with for the past two days. Today should be the third and final day.  It better be. I have meds for it now and it does help but not 100% and they make me very tired.
Second, R. (the carpool mom) calls and basically, but nicely, says she doesn't want J. (her daughter) riding with Meg if she's still sick. She thinks Meg got J. sick last time.  Is bronchitis contagious?  R. just can't have J. getting sick again. They have things coming up.  I nicely, but unhappily, say I'll drive my girls this morning.  This really puts a wrench in my morning because then I will have to drive Kade as well and that'll push everything back. Meg ends up staying home again because she really isn't feeling better.
Third, Fiona has diarrhea in the hall.  That was fun.  I know she doesn't feel well so I can't get mad.  I don't.  Guess I'm calling the vet again.
Fourth, Kade says his stomach hurts.  Now is this for real or because he witnessed the mess in the hall?  I don't know.  I don't feel like fighting it and we picked up a tons of movies at the library yesterday so they should be glued all day while they recover. I have a second so I call Mickey to vent a little and then Mat, not so nicely, tells me she has to leave right this minute because she's doing the pledge today.  That's when you see me.
Fifth, I get home from taking Mat and I can't find my wallet.  That's the breaking point. I have a lot of cash in it and I didn't want to go through canceling all the cards.  I call Mickey again.   
Then sixthly, Fiona makes another mess in the hall.  By this point I'm crying and Mickey suggests that I get Meg to look for my wallet while I clean up the mess. He's also saying he could come home if I need him to.  I tell him I'll make it through.
On a good note, Meg found my wallet right away.  Sometimes it just takes a different set of eyes and a flashlight to find something in a dark van.  And now that Fi has pooped twice I can cancel our walk for this morning.  My sore foot will like that.

missing wallet

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Emilee said...

Sounds like the worst morning ever. I'm so sorry.