Friday, April 13, 2012

A Little Company

While working in the studio today I had a little company.  She sniffed every square inch she could get to, looked out the window a few times, chewed on anything that I let her have, and when that became boring she curled up, or in some instances stretched out, on the floor and fell asleep.

Later I took her outside with the intent of getting a good picture.  I think I got it.
Fi in the grass
This one is even better.
Cute Fiona
How could you not love this face?

Fiona is getting along well.  She seems to have adjusted nicely.  We walk for thirty minutes twice a day.  She's very mellow with me but can be rowdy with the kids and sometimes Mickey.  House training is coming along.

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Amanda and Chris said...

WOW!!! Walks 2x a day? I'm impressed!