Friday, April 6, 2012

More Cleveland

Today was better than yesterday, in regards to the attractions.  We started the day at The Great Lake Science Center.
G.L. Science Center
I didn't get many good pictures there.  Don't you hate it when someone changes the setting on the camera and you don't check it the next time you use it?  Frustrating.

We spent a few hours there.  They had some good hands on exhibits on the second floor.  The first floor was pretty much dedicated to NASA and John Glenn.  We missed out on the Grand Canyon IMAX movie.  The kids didn't really want to go.

Because that wasn't enough walking around, looking, and doing we went to the zoo.
cleveland zoo
We didn't see any elephants crossing but we did have a pretty close encounter.
elephant encounter
It's like she knew I wanted a good picture because she walked right over to me.

We also saw my favorite, giraffes.  This one was in a bit of an awkward position.  
She reminds me of Melman on Madagascar.  The animators totally got down the giraffe-ness for him.

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