Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Graceful is Not Her Middle Name

Today Fiona is six months and two days.  Just like for my kids I am recording a development milestone for her.

This morning I was running a little late and didn't start our morning walk right after Kade got on the bus.  When I came back downstairs I found Fi in the foyer looking out the window.  I knew the gate was closed.  I had been the last one through it.  I put her back behind the gate and finished getting ready for our walk.

We took our walk, about 3 miles, and when we came home I found a very unpleasant surprise that Fiona had left for me.  She had pooped in the family room.  What is up with that?  I was so not happy.  I cleaned it up with Fi behind bars.  I ran upstairs to quickly do something and she somehow escaped the gate again.  This time to pee in the living room.  While cleaning this up I heard her jump over the gate, well, really jump and then land.  I gave her a good chewing out and tossed her in the crate.  I had had enough of her ornery three-year-old like behavior.

After lunch I worked with her a little on ringing a bell to let me know she needs to go out.  (This is the only complaint I really have about her, the fact that she doesn't communicate to me that she needs to go out.  It'll come but I'm a little impatient.)  Then I set up the camera in hopes of recording her jumping the gate.  I went upstairs to wait.  I didn't wait long.

Have you ever seen a Fi fly?  No?  Well check this out.
The other times she jumped she made it the first time or I would have heard her crash.  We think this video is hilarious but I'm concerned that I won't be able to keep her separated/segregated when I need to unless she's crated.  I hate to crate her more than I have to but if this behavior continues then that's where she'll be.  I have to wonder if the chewing out and the time out worked.  She hasn't jumped the gate since.  Maybe I need to look into doing some kind of agility training with her.  That's quite a jump she has, don't you think?

By the way, her middle name is June or June bug if you want to make it longer.