Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Birthday Time, Once Again

Once again, it's Mom's birthday. She won't tell us kids how old she is.  Kaden got her Kelly green and gold earrings, necklace, and ring. Mattey got her a couple of bottles of purple nail polishes. I, Megan, got her some black and gold flower ring and black and gold earrings. 
Mom's birthday
Here she is with almost all of her gifts. Poor Fiona. Today was the day of her getting fixed. Now she is home, thankfully not with a cone. Instead, she's wearing a tank that Kade let her wear. Poor Fi. She's so tired and in pain. It has been a week since school started. Kade and Mat have been enjoying it, but not me. I have so much homework. Hopefully it'll get better. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!!!! Get better Fiona.

By: The Awesome Megan.

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janel said...

Cool birthday choices, you guys! And have a super great one, Kelly!