Sunday, January 6, 2013

menu board

I finally finished a project that's been almost done since Thanksgiving.  How sad is that?

I starting pinning on Pinterest a few months ago.  I'm happy to say that I have not yet become addicted like I thought I would.  (That's probably because a lot of the stuff I'd like to filter out.  I don't want to look at tattoos, pet pictures, wedding ideas, or all those finger nails.)  I have found some really good ideas though.  The menu board is one of them.

menu planner

This will help keep us out of ruts, meal-wise.  It will help the kids pick something for their dinner making night.  It will help me with my grocery list making.  I have about 40 meal cards.  On the back of each is an ingredient list.  Brilliant, right?  And I can add to my stack of cards whenever I find a good recipe.


janel said...

So true about fingernails! Who even cares about those?
The menu board is beautiful, by the way.

Jessica said...

Super cute!!